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Peculiar intermittent https problem

By lawrence_marigold ·
I am responsible for the smooth running of a network of 13 remote satelllite connections, each with between 12 and 30 connected clients.

Each of the 13 routers has its own proxy server, and in turn they connect through an isp wide proxy - which recently had major problems.

We have been assured that this has been corrected, but we are still experiencing starnge problems.

Different clients connected through different routers are unable to access different https websites. They can however use the very same websites from another computer connected to the same router.

Often these clients receive a page cannot be displayed message - but others get "access denied" or similar.

I have tried many of these sites on the satellite router in our office with no problems at all.

If these situations were isolated we would assume the problem was with the local PC however there are enough complaints for this not to be the case.

I can only think that there is something about the way that https works and proxies work that is causing certain computers to be unable to connect.

Maybe those computers that attempted to connect during the proxy problem that occurred are still receiving incorrect cached pages - but this does not add up with the way that I know proxies are supposed to work (I can give no details about what the problem was).

I have tried emptying temporary internet files on client PCs, and the proxy cache on the routers, with no joy.

I am going to try releasing and renewing there DHCP IP address, as this is one of the only possibilities.

What I was also wondering is whether https uses the MAC address of the local computer when authorizing packets.

I really don't have enough understanding of https to be able to work out what might be going on - I was sincerely hoping that someone out there does!

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