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    Peer to peer network Windows xp and 98se


    by peterbakker ·

    I have a client with a peer to peer network Windows XP is the internet gateway with an internal ADSL modem and the two 98se computers share this internet connection. There is a Deskjet 640c printer shared by these computers. After virus problems the two 98se machines were reloaded but I could not get the the 98 machines to print off the printer if it was connected to the xp machine they would just print rubbish. So I connected the printer to one of the 98 machines but the xp machine is now slow in printing. Also the 98 machines partialy drop off the network at times. To network the computers I ran the network wizard on the xp machine and then used the file made by xp to get the 98 machines on the network.

    I was just wondering if some one had an idea why the printer won’t print off the 98 machines if it is connected to the xp machine. Also would an ADSL router make for a more stable network?

    Thanks Peter

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