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Peer to Peer networking

By tripplec ·
Why is it so difficult to give access to other client systems in XP Pro. I have configured peer to peer connectivity since Win95 and W2K is difficult but XP Pro is worst. The wizards are also the source of much of my grief as I found out. Even configuring a dial up internet connection for when you are away from the lan seem only available through the wizards???

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by yongl790829 In reply to Peer to Peer networking

First of all,ping to ensure your local pc is good ,then ping your machine's ip address.if all is ok!may be your system or application is error!

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Response to participants

by tripplec In reply to

I do appreciate the feedback. IP works fine I have read articles on this for W2K & XP Pro. However not one was entirely correct (did not work)and appeared overly complicated. Although in the XP Pro setup I did use TCPIP but later after I got itworking by trial and error. I unbound the IP protocol and use Netbeui exclusively for File and Print sharing and TCPIP. Even though I am behind a NAT router and use firewalls on each system I prefer that Netbeui be used which eliminates exposure to the internet of the local network. As does the use of IPX on Novell servers both being non routable protocols. I am not concerned about the overhead of multiple protocols. I did have to create a user of the other systems name on the PC to be connected to and assign various rights to get it to work. But in all articles I had not seen a straight forward setup proceedure for peer to peer configuration which actually works.

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drive mapping

by ricks In reply to Peer to Peer networking

Create a share on the 95, 98 1nd 2k machines and then map drives. on 2k you might have to creat a user account.

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