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Peer to Peer Networking Problems

By quietchaos ·
Hello, I'm looking to make a small home network with only two computers. This will be used for file sharing/multiplayer gaming. What i'm looking to do is a create a peer-to-peer network just by connecting two NIC cards together. I find it to be a much more cost effective solution than buying a hub. My host machine will be a Win. XP box and my client will be a Win98 box. I've gotten a crossover line to connect the two computers together. However, i connect the two computers and my Win XP box comes up with the following status for my LAN connection: "Network Cable Unplugged." I assigned them respective static IP addresses and changed any settings needed to get the network up and running but i can't get passed step one, which is a working connection. Is there some reason that my peer to peer connection is not being detected and/or is faulty? Do i need a hub to make this networking solution? Please give me any tips or solutions possible, I would like to get this network up and running asap.

Thank you.

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Take a trip to CompUSA

by UrNOTready In reply to Peer to Peer Networking P ...

IF, and that's a big IF, you ever get that config working with those mixed O/S you will have constant issues. You are so much better off getting a hub. Bett yet if you have DSL or Cable available in your area, get yourself a Linksys Cable modem/DSL router with a built in switch. Safer and faster.

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Win xp Networking

by ChrisMS In reply to Peer to Peer Networking P ...

UrNOTready is right. My experience with networking Win XP is not to bother, as it causes much more trouble than it's worth. Even with a hub/switch, I wouldn't like to say it will be 100%. Sorry to throw some nasty news your way, but thats the wayof XP.

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bad contact

by djent In reply to Peer to Peer Networking P ...

Your problem bay as simple as a dirty connection, get some contact cleaner, I use DeoxIT D5 from Caig Labs.
Spray both expansion slots and RJ45 sockets. You are dealing with low voltage/current, high frequency connections and they are subject to oxidation and failure. Test the cable for correct crossover connection.

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connection problem

by kanaant In reply to Peer to Peer Networking P ...

1) you might have a bad cable (u need a cable tester for this)

2) the wires might not be crossed over correctly, the wires used are 1,2,3,6 make sure that wires 1,2 end up on 3,6 at the other end.
and 3,6 end up to 1,2 on the other end. (holding the clip face up, the metal pins are facing up)

3) try changing the speed on the LANcards from autosense to a fixed speed that matchs on both ends. either 100FullDuplex, or 10HalfDuplex.

hope this helps

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