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peer to peer networking xp & w98

By wsmm ·
Trying to network my two home/office computers. one is running xp the other w98. Am using a cross over net work cable. 1-3 & 2-6 wiring. Everything seems to be setup correctly yet neither computer can see the other one. IP address are and can not ping either computer from the other. Guess I've been away from the field too long, but I always delt with either Unix or Netware for networks, never peer to peer. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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by ITmanTPC In reply to peer to peer networking x ...

Do you have anyway of testing the cable. The wiring seems right, but cable could have a problem. Are these cards 10baseT 100baseT or 1000BaseT. 1000BaseT are wired different is the only reason I ask.

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by dmiles In reply to peer to peer networking x ...

Setup a simple 2 computer Peer to Peer Network without using a Hub.

For two computers you do not need a hub, all you need is an ethernet crossover cable. Refer to the DIY Crossover how-to on how to make your own.

Start by going to Control panel, open the Network Icon and click on the Identification tab.

Make sure you give each computer a unique name.
Chose a Workgroup name and use the same name on all computers.

Click on Access Control tab, enable Share-level access control

Next click the Configuration tab and you should see the following.

Client for Microsoft Networks, if Client for NetWare is there also you can highlight it and click the remove button, it is not needed.

If anything is missing click the add button and add the appropriate protocol. When you add a protocol the network card will automatically create corresponding entries for itself.

Now highlight TCP/IP for your NIC like in the picture below - then click the properties button.

On the second and third machines use the same numbers except increment the last digit for each machine. Example the second machine would be and a third machine would be

The subnet Mask stays the same for all machines and in this example we are using

Next click on DNS Configuration and Enable DNS

For Host enter the name you gave this machine in the first step under the Identification tab. On the other machines use the unique name given to each machine from step one

Enter into the field with the dots and click the add button. Use this same number for all machines in the network.

OK, you made it this far now open a DOS-Prompt window on the computer and type ping and you should see data returned showing the ping time between the two computers. If you receive an error you need to go back and check all of the settings

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to peer to peer networking x ...

xover cable should be 1-wht/org-3 | 2-org-6 | 3-wht/grn-1 | 4-blu-4 | 5-wht/blu-5 |
6-grn-2 | 7-wht/brn-7 | 8-brn-8 . This is the correct. Next if your cable has any coils in them manually set speed to 10mb /half duplex and retry ping test. Your network config should be sub net (or you can go up to .248 for the 4th octet) a .252 would have to be .1 and .2 to work. Set each default gateway to be the others ip address.

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by omie In reply to peer to peer networking x ...

Cross cable should be 1 and 2 switched to 3and6.I hope this helps.
The other thing is that WinXp seems not to be seen on Win98 computer or vice versa.
If you are just interested on the connection you could ping the other computer if you change your cross cable configuration.

Good luck

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by omie In reply to

Rate the answers in fairness to the people answering your inquiry.

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by DouglasB In reply to peer to peer networking x ...

Do you have netbui protocol enabled/installed on the win98 comptuer?

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