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peer to peer or server client?

By pchlp ·
I have a network with 5 PC's and would like an opinion on whether client server situation would be better. I am going to use one of the PC's as a file server.
The OP are Win2000 and win98, Maybe XP down the road.
Also, VPN will be used as well.,
Any opinions?

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to peer to peer or server cl ...

peer 2 peer,
for <10 pc's there is not really a need to have a server in the network.
But if you are going to expand and in the future you would like to have central place to control access to files, internet and other services I do suggest to implement a client/server right away instead to change the setup in the future.
note: the server has to be a dedicated server and not a "server" where a user will work on it too.


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by Oz_Media In reply to peer to peer or server cl ...

For your needs, I'd say you're OK as P2P but if you're studying networking or wish to get your hands into network administration, go with a server/client network, as noted above, use a dedicated server not a daily used workstation.

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by bbahar In reply to peer to peer or server cl ...

I would say go for client-server. As I understand you have windows 2000 and windows 98 for workstations. This offer comes to give you the scalabality option. To manage win2k workstations in p2p network is pain in the ***. Even you have less than 10 PCs is still better way to deal with. It also gives you more security and flexible sharing options.
Go for it ... I would do it even 3 computers ...

Good Luck ..!

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by Rasman In reply to peer to peer or server cl ...

To answer this question I need to ask a couple.
Do you prefer to administer 1 account per user or multiple. How are you going to connect the users to the internet. Since you have made a file server decision you have already decided on client server. My suggestion would be to use XP Pro for the server Hardware Raid ide solution probably Create accounts for the users on the Pro machine make sure that accounts on workstations match accounts on Pro box. User polcies on the local machines to limit storage space. Move My Documents to the Pro Machine under a shared folder. use security on the common folder to deny access to other than the account owner. Set up a couple of account management policies.
yada yada yada.
Cheap Client server.
And I might add easily upgradeable to SBS when you get ready or cools stuff like Exchange and ISA.

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by pchlp In reply to

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by pchlp In reply to peer to peer or server cl ...

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