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Peer-to-Peer Win2k & WinXP

By algrossi ·
I had two Win2K machines networked (Peer-to-Peer) and each was able to connect to a DSL ISP. One of the machines died and I replaced it with a WinXP box. The connectivity to the DSL ISP works OK but I cannot get the two to recognize eachother in a Peer-to-Peer topology. WinXP will not accept such a topology, this is my first taste of WinXP, what has changed?

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by Ironcrown In reply to Peer-to-Peer Win2k & WinX ...

Make sure the accounts on both match. Also go through your group policy settings on the XP machine. There are a few settings that should probably stand out to you to change. Had a similar problem myself, but happened so long ago, I can't remember which policy I modified.

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Peer Networking

by Rasman In reply to Peer-to-Peer Win2k & WinX ...

Beginnign with the basics.
To test this go the command prompt and ping the adapter of the other computer (both sides)
1. Do the machines share a common subnet. Assuming that they both have a single Ethernet adapter the machine that is connected to DSL is going to have a pulic IP address. If you have been issued multiple public addresses by your isp those address should be used.
If you using internet connection sharing XP sill use an IP address in the Range.
You can verify the IP address by going to a cmd prompt. <Start><Run> type (CMD) press enter type (ipconfig). Same process on 95 or 98 machines but use (winipfg).
The computes should share a common subnet. Send me the address and I'll take a look.
If you know the IP addresses are correct. then you should be able to view the shared resources on the other machine. From <start> <Run> type (\\(the ipaddress of the other machine)Press <Enter> a browse list of the other machine shoud appear assuming that user accounts match on both ends.
Need more help post here or emil me direct.

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