pen drive not working

By dreamsmani ·
My pen drive is not working ..... its showing 0 bites ,, another problem is my pen drive is not detecting... in some systems...... another problem is after i copy my files to pen drive , if i remove and then use it i wil not show folders.. but it takes spaces.... please help me friends..............

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sounds like it is faulty

by .Martin. In reply to pen drive not working

if it is under warranty take it back.

otherwise, buy a new one...

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Solution to pen drive problems

by ma_la883 In reply to pen drive not working

Pen drives have similar problems i.e hardware or virus problems. Some common problems and their uncommon solutions about pen drives are listed.


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What type of device is it?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to pen drive not working

Some USB RAM Drives use a Compression or Encryption Utility to make the Data Secure or to allow more to be stored on the device than it actually has room for.

When these start to stop working it's because the Device is failing through Paschal Damage to the Printed Circuit Board. When that happens you need to replace them and hopefully treat them a lot better than you treated the one that died and went to Silicon Heaven.

Naturally if it's one of the expensive ones with a 10 Year Guarantee you send it back and get it replaced by it's maker Under Guarantee. If it's one of the cheapies just bin it and buy a new one.


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