Pentium 4 + 1 GB RAM maxing out

By rend999 ·
My Pentium 4 1.66GHz with 1 GB RAM on a MV850 motherboard maxes out when playing music with ITunes and Media player causing distortion. Coincided with upgrading to AOL broadband - AOL say it's a system problem.

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Have you tried Roiling Back to the earlier version of AOL?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Pentium 4 + 1 GB RAM maxi ...

While as far as AOL is concerned it to them may be a system problem it could equally be that their new software is poorly written and chewing up Clock Cycles needlessly.

Just remember that New Software is expected to be used on New Hardware which is faster so bad coding gets passed over without anyone noticing the deficients in the software.


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p4 maxing out

by rend999 In reply to Have you tried Roiling Ba ...

Don't have the old software - but it was'nt the version change - it coincided with a change from dial up to broadband - have moved house since and changed from cabled ADSL to wireless but problem remains

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by CookieOrc In reply to Pentium 4 + 1 GB RAM maxi ...

Try defagmenting your hard drive,

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Pentium4 maxing out

by rend999 In reply to Fragmentation

have tried this already - no effect, thanx anyway

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by scott_heath In reply to Pentium 4 + 1 GB RAM maxi ...

Check taskmgr when the problem occurs, any processes eating up memory or cpu? Re-install your audio drivers and audio codecs. Let us know how it goes.

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audio problems + pentium 4 & AOL etc

by rend999 In reply to Hmmm...

what constitutes "eating up memory" ?
I have using
waol.exe - 37,348 K
wmplayer 34,476 K
+ 4 other processes 20K+

will reinstall sound drivers (I think they are on board the mv850 motherboard (SoundMax integrated digital audio)

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re: eating up memory

by scott_heath In reply to audio problems + pentium ...

I would say that all sounds reasonible. Check the memory usage when you first start up and then check it as you use the PC. See what happens. It's probably a driver issue though.

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P4 maxing out

by rend999 In reply to re: eating up memory

Thanks for your continued help on this - I have reinstalled the SoundMax integrated digital audio driver - still have a problem.

Is there a reasonable diagnostic utility I could use ? Tried a few registry checkers - made the machine crash - blue screen of death. Is there one that is better than the others ?

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