Pentium3 to Celeron

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I bought a computer that has a Pentium III processor in it. (http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL43H.html)

I have a Celeron processor (http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL5VQ.html)
that I'd like to replace the Pentium III with.
The Celeron fits in the slot but I'm afraid to turn on the computer to see it it works.
I can't find any info on the computer itself. This is what it tells me.

2 sdram 64mb pci100mhz
1 hd 40gb eide
1 proc pIII 850mhz (flip)-1
1 cdrom 50x putty
1 motherboard 694via soyo-f
1 floppy drive 1.44mb cpu-p
1 speakers 6.5 watt

SO # 1170342
Serial # 1003271000001
PrO # 3027222
Lot # 1450

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by Roger99a In reply to Pentium3 to Celeron

It depends on the motherboard..and if it can support the Celeron at that speed. It should be OK to try it if you like.. you won't likely let the smoke out of it or anything.

I don't recommend doing it... I would rather have a PIII 850 than a Celeron at 1100. Celerons are junk.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Pentium3 to Celeron

The Coppermine CPU's are different to anything above 1 GIG speed. You Can Not successfully use a CPU above 1 GIG on the same M'Board as a Sub 1 Gig CPU as the Celeron in this case will be Destroyed in the first nanosecond of Power On.

The Tualatin or whatever these CPU's are called are different and not interchangeable with the Sub 1 GIG Socket 370 CPU so don't even consider this as an option. You can go to a 1 GIG CPU as the fastest possible on this M'Board and nothing more.

Also if you can get your hands on a P3 1 GIG CPU you'll be far happier with the way that it works than a Celeron as they are way slower than an equivalent Pentium.

If you want to use the Celeron here you need to change the M'Board to a Chip Set that supports CPU's above the 1 GIG limit.
You are better off looking directly at the Intel Site for product Specifications than a Reseller as the Reseller doesn't have the full specs of the Celeron that you have listed.

If you wish you need to look up the Makers of the M'Board to see what CPU's are supported by the M'Board that you currently have. As I haven't seen any Soyo M'Boards in a very long time and a quick Goggle search has revealed nothing but sellers of these and no maker I'm unsure if the company still exists.

While i can not talk about your particular M'Board most of the P3 supports either CPU's of 100 MHZ or 133 MHZ FSB up to the 1 GIG limit and then a different family of CPU's where made which required a different M'Board Chip Set to work at all.

Edited to add here is Soyo's Web Site for P3 M'Boards you will need to find the actual Model Number of your M'Board to see what Processes you can fit to it though. It should be something like SY7 something for the M'Board not 695 Via.


According to Soyo's Listing the SY-7 Series of M'Boards are for the Coppermine CPU and the SY-T Series are for the Tualatin & Coppermine Families of CPU's.

You can use the slower CPU on a M'Board that supports the faster Tualatin CPU's but you can not use a Tualatin CPU on a Coppermine M'Board.


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More RAM

by TheChas In reply to Pentium3 to Celeron

If your goal is to speed up this PC, adding more RAM is going to do a lot more for you than installing a faster CPU. When you increase CPU speed, at best you see a 25% increase in performance each time you double the CPU speed. Most of the 10% improvement you may see from the faster CPU will be lost to having less on-chip cache.

Adding more RAM gives you almost a 1 to 1 performance increase.

If you are running Windows 9X, increase your RAM to between 256 and 384 MB.

If you are running XP, install all the RAM that will fit / you can afford.


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