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Pentiyum bieng overcloaked.

By GTek ·
I have a Pentiyum 486 with Awrd BOIS and it is horribal. I always have trubbles and it crases everything. My VoDo 5 does a horribal job of Quask 3. It wont even wrun. I have 512 meg bites in 2 dims and a 40gigbites hardd. My Creatve Live Sund Bluster is choppie. Anybonied have advicce. Sorry for splling.

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by Edward Clint In reply to Pentiyum bieng overcloake ...

for that.


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Pentium Overclockers

by dpalsen In reply to Pentiyum bieng overcloake ...

I think before anyone even tries this one more information is needed...
First, do you have a Pentium or 486? These are two entirely different processors. I'm guessing you probably have some variety of a Pentium. Excepting the Celeron, these don't overclock well.

Second, what speed is the processor rated at, and what are you trying to run it at? It sounds like you may have heat problems, among others.

Third, spell checkers are available almost everywhere. One of the biggest problems I had was in trying to decipher what you'd written. Try cleaning up your messages as well, and people will be more receptive.


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I was joking

by GTek In reply to Pentium Overclockers

Im not actually an idiot. I very well do know the difference between a Pentium and a 486. I just wanted to see who would actually take me seriously.

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