People are not able to open my attachments, no matter what format

By deletedemailanswer ·
Thank you in advance for any help. I'm really stuck here.

I have now realized that for the past week and a half (at least) my clients have not been able to open my attachments. Several different clients are all coming back to me saying 'my computer won't open your attachment.' These are coming from different email carriers, as well. I've had to resort to faxing important contracts (AAAH!) in the meantime.

The problem is nothing so simply as I'm using docx and they only have doc. I've saved the word files in a .doc format. I've submitted the files to Google Docs, and it's uploaded them and created a doc, which makes me think that the file can't be completely useless.

I have a Mac laptop that I run with Parallels software with Windows XP and Office 2007. I mostly only use the Parallels software, to be honest, because that's where my database for work is housed. Parallels has always saved my files in a strange way. I've had to name the file with a .whatever extension for it to recognize the file. Though annoying, this hasn't been an issue before. I've been sending/receiving files for a year now without issue.

With that said, any ideas as to what is going on? Could it be something like a virus? Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated!!

Hannah Cottrill

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by Snuffy09 In reply to People are not able to op ...
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by Snuffy09 In reply to People are not able to op ...

until you get if figured out "print" your documents to pdf. see if they can at least open pdf files from you.

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Have to have Adobe?

by deletedemail2 In reply to Try DoPDF

Do you have to have the full Adobe to do that? Is there a way to work around that?


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Nevermind--just saw the dopd link...that'll help for now

by deletedemail2 In reply to Have to have Adobe?

Any ideas on the source of the issue?

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Zip attachments

by M@gnesium In reply to People are not able to op ...

The other alternative is to zip/compress your attachments if you have to send your files out in .doc format

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good idea...

by deletedemail2 In reply to Zip attachments

I just wonder if you guys have any idea what might be causing this or what instigated the change. Using PDF seems like an easy way to get around it, and, for what I do, it's probably better than a .doc anyway. I just need to figure out what the problem is as well, so I can fix it.

Thanks so much if you have any ideas!

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