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People who call themselves "consultants" and ask stupid questions

By ManiacMan ·
I'm just here ranting about what I'm seeing lately as stupid questions being asked by new members claiming they are "IT Consultants" or "IT Managers". Now I can understand if they're entry level and just starting out in the field, but I seriously take offense at someone claiming to be an "IT Consultant" or "IT Dept Manager" and asking stupid questions like how to promote a member server to a domain controller, or how to allow multiple PC's to share a single ISP connection. Maybe I am taking this all too personally, but I am insulted by those calling themselves "consultants" who don't know the basic things that should be known because it tarnishes the overall image of what consultants are. I pride myself in my knowledge, experience, and being able to call myself a consultant, but when I see stupid questions posted by so called "Consultants" such as "How do I promote a Windows server to a DC", it really insults my intelligence. I'm not looking to start a flaming thread, but this is starting to really irritate me as a professional. Any thoughts or comments?

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What? I resemble that!

by CG IT In reply to People who call themselve ...

just kidding.

I've had these exact same thoughts as well but figured this site is supposed to be for IT professionals, so if there are forum trolls who want to jerk peoples chains, I'm not gonna be one of them. I'll just ignor the post.

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Nah, you're nothing like that, but you know what I'm taking about

by ManiacMan In reply to What? I resemble that!

I don't know if these new members are falsely representing their titles or such, but it is insulting to see such questions asked by people who claim to be consultants or IT Dept Managers, assuming they are. And I'm told on interviews that I am not technical enough? Perhaps I'm being interviewed by the same nimrods who post these dumb questions here, claiming to be "IT Dept Managers" and my knowledge threatens their positions and authority.

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31 thumbs?

by CG IT In reply to Nah, you're nothing like ...

last I looked you had like 10... your moving fast....

but yeah I think that those who call themselves consultants or IT Dept Managers and ask basic knowledge questions are just forum trolls.

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Everytime a goofy question comes...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to People who call themselve ...

from a supposed IT Consultant, I think Bah, humbug! I also think, I wonder who they think they are fooling...

Now, when I ask a goofy question it's a different matter! :)
Then again, all the typos I edit belies the notion that I'm a teacher...

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It's the requirements

by Roger99a In reply to People who call themselve ...

There are none. Anybody that can print or buy a business card can be a consultant.

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I know what you mean

by Bizzo In reply to People who call themselve ...

Although I do think that the new people here think that if they have their title as consultant or manager they think that their questions will be answered quicker. We all know that doesn't happen.

Also, some people think that a title is just a title and that it doesn't actually mean anything. You've worked hard, you've got your certifications, you know what you know and you've earned the title "IT Consultant", so obviously it means something to you, because you actually know what the title means.

Outside of work I tend to call myself an IT Consultant simply because our job titles here mean nothing outside of work, but everyone know that IT Consultant means "computers and stuff" (that annoys me, when I say I'm and IT Consultant, they reply with "Oh, you mean you're into computers and stuff?"), so maybe that works the other way around also, if you're "into computers and stuff" you can call yourself an IT Consultant! My official role is Technical Specialist, and people do look blankly at me when I tell them that.

Maybe on here we could change the job role based on the number of Thumbs Up you have?

0-5 thumbs: Noob!
5-20 thumbs: 1st Line Support
20-50 thumbs: Technical Specialist
100+: Consultant etc...

Or one based on the number of discussion posts you made this week.

0-5: Noob!
5-20: Helper
20-50: Not working much
100+: Active here, but needs to knuckle down at work!


I've not changed my job role here since I joined many years ago. Maybe I'm due for a promotion!!!

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I don't know about that.

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I know what you mean

Officially I call myself the Alleged Boss & Official Scape Goat works out well on all Professional Sites that I'm involved with and confuses the hell out of most of the M$ workers who ring me up.

Though to be honest the Technical Types ask if they can use the same Job Description.

Perhaps it's time that we all give Beth a Shout and get the titles changed. Now who wants to be the first to E-Mail Beth? :^0


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666 Thumbs up???

by Bizzo In reply to I don't know about that.

Where are you from?
"The Helpdesk of the Beast"?

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Those were 'self given' thumbs up's

by The Scummy One In reply to 666 Thumbs up???

You dont think for a moment that he actually got all of those through the proper channels do you???

nah, he hacked TR a few times and overnight gained 100 thumbs up's, every week he went back and did it again until they found out about the exploit being used. I think it was Daveo who turned him in after Daveo hacked Hals account. :^0 :^0

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Actually it was my Alter Ego Pond Scum who gave me all the Thumbs

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Those were 'self given' t ...

:^0 :^0 :^0 :^0 :^0 :^0 :^0 :^0

He just continued posting silly questions like 1234 and when I answered 42 he gave me the Points Er Thumbs.

Actually I had to have one removed because I messed up and some one who shall remain nameless gave me another one for stating the obvious to someone who couldn't read.

Yes I forget to change the Account but that one incident taught me to Take Notice of what I was posting where.

Now who wants a freezer full of Thumbs? :8}

The Evil Sod sent me real thumbs not anything else. :_|

Now back to asking silly questions like How Do I turn it on.

Col ]:)

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