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People won't be able to use the internet by 2010????

By stefan ·
I read an article about the current internet growth and thought to myself,:what would happen if the internet reaches it's "Full Capacity"????
I personally don't think the internet would be full by 2010 but what do you guys think???
Here is the link to the article that i read..: ...Let me know what you guys think!!!!

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Nothing new about this.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to People won't be able to u ...

From the linked article:

"This warning comes from Vint Cerf; one of the founders of the current Internet Protocols and he says that it can happen around 2010 that people can?t enter the Internet anymore with new devices like servers, pda?s and even MP3 players."

The key phrase is 'new devices', because in theory they won't be able to get IP addresses. Subnetting is handling some of this. The prediction also assumes every Internet-capable device will all be on at the same time. The story also assumes customers won't start demanding the ISPs implement IP6, but they will when they can't get their precious new toy-of-the-week connected.

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That clears things up for me a bit

by stefan In reply to Nothing new about this.

Hi Thanx for the reply.i have been aware of this subject but was just wondering how it will all end if we are at the peek of technology.I mean think back 10 years ago,we didn't think it would be possible to have the advanced technology that we have today ,so i am sure that they will figure out a way to make all devices IPV4 and IPV6 compatible.Have you checked out the new windows Sphere yet?i Think it is an awesome piece of technology!!!Thanx for the reply dude!!

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