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    PeopleSoft End User Assessment/Training


    by ccooper ·

    Large National and Global implementation rollouts have many company executives in a concern for ROI Justification. In today’s multi functional job roles it is a challenge to retain one of the most valuable assest to the company, it’s people. Training has become a staple in securing and bringing value to the workforce and improved productivity to the company bottom line.

    PeopleSoft Training at any company may have it’s challenges with remote diverse populations using custom implemented modules. The notion of keeping everyone on the same page can be a great challenge. Assessing the skill and knowledge of the workforce can determine wether focussed training, where imbedded operating disciplines have been added to the module customization, can greatly reduce the cost of full workforce training. As well when new application modules or employees are brought on the challenge to effectively train these populations can create issues when budget allocations have not embraced the ultimate test to the application purpose, to release the knowledge worker who has the power of the application at their fingertips to demonstrate the value of the application to the company through process improvement and increased productivity. Should you or your company have challenges in this area I would like to hear your comments and thoughts about Web based training on PeopleSoft modules. 24 x 7 x 365 for national and global implementaions. The web has come of age for this era of training to give knowledge workers flexible training avenues in a self paced, self directed format.

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