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Peoplesoft, HP, MS, printing?

By wdickerson ·
I have been trying to resolve a Peoplesoft font printer problem since February this year. Our Peoplesoft Finance Admin prints Psoft finance documents vie a HP 6122 printer. After setup and installation of the HP 6122 everything was fine. Since WIN 2000/SP4 upgrades and Psoft Finance upgrades the printer changed fonts. The current font set is not acceptable to the Psoft admin.

I talked to other pc techs (Corrupt chip in the printer? Swapped with other HP printers same results.), Psoft techs (Need to print in upper tray mode. HP6122 does not have an upper tray.) and HP techs (The regular HP support techs do not have a clue.) with null results. HP disbanded a Font Solutions Group that could easily handle the font problem. I am at a loss and need to resolve this asap.

Everyday a negative notch is added to this H.D. request. The request always seem to bounce back to me to "handle it." The user is not very happy, the help desk analysis wants to know "why isn't it fixed yet?" HP says not our problem. Microsoft WIN 2000 folks say not my problem and Psoft says not my problem.

Can't we just all fix this together? My Psoft experience is limited to desktop configurations. I want to resolve the problem and do not give up easy on "stump the tech problems." I am reluctant to go where no tech has gone before. If my personal knowledge base is uncomfortable I will not touch. Can someone help me please?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Peoplesoft, HP, MS, print ...

Is this a Printer built in Font or a font selected from a Windows PC? Is it a TTF font, a Postscript font, Bitmap font? Whats the name of the font?
What applications are used to print to it? Most Windows applications use a Font selected by a Font IN the windows application.
If a printer font, then either the printer driver selects it or the application sets it before printing it. The font has to be set somewhere in software to use it. If built in font, then the font needs to be uploaded before it can be used.

The type of driver installed on the PCs can also affect features of the printer.

Does the PSoft software printer in plain text or graphics like a word processor?
It seems to be a config problem with PSoft software (Not MS or HP).

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