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perfect flash site for TROL ROFL - Note: Sound Warning

By CG IT ·
view it here... lol :)


move the cursor around...ROFL some of the animation with sound effects is pretty good..

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My poor aching head...

by tcavadias Staff In reply to perfect flash site for TR ...

..boy there is a lot going on

But I did notice if you move the cursor real fast in a circle it starts sounding like Bee's buzzzzzzzzing

-Tammy :-)

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yep :) like TROL lots going on...

by CG IT In reply to My poor aching head...

I thought it was fun, especially with the sounds played when you put the cursor over the about me, home, lables and the pictures. If you didn't see those, have to click the Enter Site link. The cat sound on sound off is fun to....

Wonder what Sonja thinks??

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It wants Scripts to run, sorry

by The Scummy One In reply to perfect flash site for TR ...
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It's a flash site Scummy...

by CG IT In reply to It wants Scripts to run, ...

but it's a fun one....

like TROL

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I have Flash in FF, and used FF, however

by The Scummy One In reply to It's a flash site Scummy. ...

it wants me to unblock the scripts

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Geez Scummy I don't know....

by CG IT In reply to I have Flash in FF, and u ...

it's a flash web site from olnevhost.net. This is a site for web site templates. you can go to templates.olnevhost.net, find flash sites in the left pane and click on that. go to page 3 and it's template # 11649. by Delta. Just read Hal's post. Couldn't stop laughing.

Maybe I should put up a warning about the sound.

The animation for the little red arrow guy is pretty good.

If you turn the sound off and then back on the cat meows lol. move the cursor over the links and there's these kid toy sounds. The person who put this together was pretty good with animation.

Very busy and Fun Site. Sorta goes with the 8 minute TROL ceiling. Everything has to be done quickly....

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Bloody Hell thanks very much for the warning

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to perfect flash site for TR ...

Don't open this at home after 12.00 PM unless you want to terrorize half the neighborhood.

As I was sitting at a Windows Box finishing off some Diagnostics for a customer who came up early Sunday I thought why not jump on TR while I'm waiting for this to finish. Naturally it's currently 10.30 PM and everyone else in the house is asleep or at least they where till I opened that Page.

What did I find Immediately before the page opened the sound started and the Speaker Icon wasn't on the Task Bar so I've knocked over half a ton of stuff trying to reach the speakers. I don't know what was worse the sound from the computer or the sound of things falling anyway everyone is now awake and wide awake. Not bad where SWMBO son & his wife are concerned but waking SWMBO isn't a great Idea at the best of times and after this weekend it's not the Best of Times at the moment. Everything that could go wrong has this weekend and I haven't stopped working doing Free work all week end.

That's not the worst of it though as a Teaching Surgeon had a new Optical Drive that I replaced earlier this week not work so since 9.00 AM this mourning I've had his NB here I just ripped out the DVD Burner and replaced it took all of about 10 seconds to do and then spent the rest of the day watching his DVDs that don't work. Naturally they are all about new Surgical Techniques or new Surgical Devices. So I've spent all day today watching Surgical DVDs to make sure that everything works. I did a quick test when I fitted the new DVD earlier but apparently while everything that I played on it worked for me nothing worked when he got it home. So this time I had to be sure that it's working properly. And make certain that it works with his stuff that he wants to watch.

Now who wants me to repair their Hernia's, Do some Liposuction or just generally poke around in their insides to see what's wrong?

Anyway at this time of night my ears now hurt as I had to have the volume up all the way for these Surgical DVDs which are very quite and then I hit this page with nice LOUD sounds and no easy way to reach the volume control quickly.

What's even worse is knowing just how everyone will be rolling around on the floor wetting themselves with laughter when they read this. :_|

So my ears hurt, my head hurts and my eyes hurt not to mention my left foot that the Wolfer landed on when it hit the floor so when I have my toes taped up in an attempt at some form of splint for all of the broken ones I'll hobble into the bedroom only to get hit again for waking-up SWMBO. :_|

Col :_| :_| :_| :_|

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by CG IT In reply to Bloody Hell thanks very m ...

I quess when things can go wrong, they do....

I put up a sound warning in the subject....


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Wow, a HAL unit that

by w2ktechman In reply to Bloody Hell thanks very m ...

doesnt understand "animation and sound" :^0 :^0

You brought it all on yourself, ya know that right! not knowing where the MUTE was and all :^0

This is too funny, But at least someone didnt stumble down the stairs to whack you upside the head for torturing them...

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That's right W2K

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Wow, a HAL unit that

I told SWMBO that the Scummy One Made me do it and she's now stalking him down to inflict severe suffering on.

Of course if it had of been my computer there wouldn't have been a problem but a customers NB that I had plugged external speakers to to hear those Bloody Medical Disc's is a different story. Anyway I'm waiting for the Pictures of a Scummy One being tortured to get my laughs. :^0 :^0 :^0

Now nobody warn Scummy what's about to hit him right? :0

Col ]:)

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