Perfmon to compare memory utilization performance

By hatran ·
Greeting Everyone,

I got a general question. I am running workload generator on a server with windows 2003 server EE SP1. Running Perfmon with all instances of memory counter caputer. I wondering which counter do I look at to compare memory utilization performance.


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The start is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Perfmon to compare memory ...

page faults, that's how many times the OS had to load something into physical ram.

What exactly do you mean by utilisation?

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by hatran In reply to The start is

I want to compare one server that have advance memory utilization configuration and the other same spec but without memory utilization.


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Page faults is your start then

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Memory

You'll need them pretty much doing the same things for it to mean anything though.
They'll need to be operating on the same demand for memory.

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Load generator

by hatran In reply to Page faults is your start ...

Yes, I will be running both machine with identical load. How do I interpret Page faults interm of utilization performance?

thanks for your help

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If you get more page faults

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Load generator

then the OS is having to go back to physical media (swap file probably) to put things in physical ram.

That means the system is thrashing ie it's unloading code from ram it's going to need to reload again shortly.

I would expect a good optimiser to make better choices on what to unload when it gets a page fault.

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