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I have been charged with a task that I have never undertaken before.

I am working for a company that tests websites and need to define the performance metrics for testing. It is for a website that will not have much traffic, it is defined primarily for a defined audience (their existing customers) so they don't expect extremely high traffic. They have thrown out numbers like 100 concurrent customers MAX.

I will be using Performance Center (aka LoadRunner) and am confident with the test writing. I just don't know how to define the various combinations.

Can anyone offer suggestions?


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I would ask the customer that question

by robo_dev In reply to Performance Metrics for W ...

Depending on the nature of the website, the big question is how much active content there is, how much data entry, how many things like video or flash animation, etc.

For most websites, 100 concurrent users is not a whole lot. Especially if the site is pretty much static html. OTOH, if it's an online catalog, video streaming or game site, that's another animal altogether.

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Thanks! But customer is looking to us!

by cupcake In reply to I would ask the customer ...

The customer is very non-technical and actually so is their site. Its really a look up site, no data to be entered and not a lot of whiz-bang-wow kind of graphics or animation. They enter a ZIP and we plot the results on a Google map.

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