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By J.A. Grimes ·
An external company who developed software for us had a bonus option, based on performance, built into their contract. The question is how would you define performance? The company would have been involved from requirements gathering through design implementation and support, so what categories in each of these areas should be measured and how would they be weighted?

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The writing of the contract

by JamesRL In reply to Performance Review

was the time to decide these things. If you don't mutually agree on the measures then how do you know how to incent them?

Typically on a project you look to a project manager to manage three things: Resources($ and people), schedule and deliverables(quality thereof).

So assess how well they did at coming in at or under the original budget(excluding costs associated with any requirements you added after the budget was drawn).

Assess how well they did at meeting the schedule, again excluding any schedule changes that were from scope creep, additional requirements etc that happened because of "external" factors.

Assess the quality of the end product. How smoothly did implementation go, is it more or less support than originally planned, are there more or less initial quality issues than planned/usual.

Depending on the size of the contract, you could and should have more specific quantative objective measures, but if you didn't agree them in advance, its hard to enforce them.


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