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Welcome to the Perl Forum. This is the place to post your Perl questions, share your best techniques, and express your opinion on topics that impact IT development. We also encourage you to post your comments about the Perl TechMail.

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RE:ID=136305- %ENV vars.-persistence

by chanio In reply to Perl Forum

Interesting, I heard that a way of obtaining persistence in order to keep a session with one connection might be saving some ID in an environment variable. But, as I read, those values would end after the script ends.
Is it possible to keep those variables until ending a session (I mean a connection to a site)?
Should I do something to keep the script alive as long as I stay connected?
Or, should I deppend only on cookies to get the same results? (not everybody wants to use cookies).
PS. links worked perfectly after logging in here.

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No More Perl Techmail...

by rpb_ In reply to Perl Forum

I just wanted to say that I think it's a shame that the Perl Techmail is ending ("The final delivery of the Perl TechMail is Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2003", from the latest email).

Of all the email newsletters I get, I find James Brown's tips in the Perl newsletter the most practical and useful.

I'll miss getting the perl email more than I'd miss losing any of the others, I think, even though perl is far from my main development language.

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Yes, I regret a lot too...

by chanio In reply to No More Perl Techmail...

These excelent articles acted like pushers to make me study Perl, and recently try all these examples.
I would like to keep on receiving these inspiring articles.
Please, James, send us an address where we would be able to keep on reading your new articles!
Or better, do your own mailing list!
I am now able to build you an RSS generator of all your articles and another for the postings. Of course, in Perl :) .
Good luck, see you all!

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Goodbye Perl?

by Batronyx In reply to Perl Forum

Perl is recently my primary development language. Needing to know more about it is part of what brought me here in the first place. The rest of the newsletters I subscribe to are mental notes, 'just in case' I might have need of the knowledge down the road. They all make for good reading, but I'll definitely miss Perl.
You guys should probably reconsider.

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by lawrephord236 In reply to Perl Forum


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by solrak29 In reply to Perl Forum

Can anyone be a little more explicity as to what quotemeta is? I just read the tech tip on it and dont see the implementation. Thanks.

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