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Perl tip 1/7/03

By felkinmr ·

Hi, I copied the code in the Perl Tip in to a text file, commented out the comments, etc. and it "runs". However, I get no output and the program just hangs until I hit CTRL C. Here is the code:

# copy stdin or a file to the clipboard
use Win32::Clipboard;

tie $CLIP, 'Win32::Clipboard';

# anything you do to $CLIP will now go to the clipboard

# accept a list of files to insert, one after the other
if (@ARGV)
# first clear the current clipboard contents
$CLIP = '';

# now append each file in turn
for (@ARGV)
open IN, "<$_" or die "Can't open $_: $!\n";
print "Inserting $_ into the windows clipboard\n";
$CLIP .= join '', <IN>;
close IN;
# or just read from standard input
print "Inserting STDIN into the windows clipboard\n";
$CLIP = join '', <STDIN>;

# fix the clipboard EOL problems
$CLIP =~ s/\r?\n/\r\n/g;

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Try slurping file all at once.

by swayers In reply to Perl tip 1/7/03

You are probably hanging because it is reading the handle line by line.
Try changing to
undef $/;

before opening files

after opening each file use
$Clip .= <IN>;

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