Permanent removal of an old WPA2 key stored in Window7 Pro

By david ·
How can I permanently remove an old WPA2 key so that it does not keep reappearing? I changed the key in my client's WAP, but the key stored on the Windows 7 Pro machine keeps going back to the old one every time his machine is rebooted.

I can go into Networking/View Wireless Networks and click the Properties/Advanced tab and change it to the correct key so that I can connect, but the old one always comes back after a reboot and I have to go in a manually change it again.

I've deleted the connection, as well as uninstalling the wireless adaptor and letting Windows reinstall it at reboot, but nothing works.

Is there a Registry key somewhere that I can delete or edit to make the new/correct key stay in permanently?


Thanks much.

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Did you delete the WiFi Connection in Windows?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Permanent removal of an o ...

I don't have a 7 unit running here at the moment but when you create a new Network Connection it gives you a Key and a Dedicated Connection. You would have to delete Network 1 or whatever it's called to delete the WPA2 Key that is associated with the Network.

Alternatively you could create a New Network Connection and use that as the default if you failed to keep the code of the first network connection.


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Instead of going into the registery, check here...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to Permanent removal of an o ...

c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\[Interface GuID]

To locate the one you want to remove just open the XML file in an XML viewier or Notepad. Once you find it move it to another folder and see if that is the result you want. If it is then you can safely delete it.

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