Permanently Map Network Drive

By eddieduce ·
How can I permanently map network drives to NOT be dependant on a logged in account?

I have a script that will automaticaly backup content from network drives. It seems that if I schedule this batch file to run using the Windows 2003 Standard Server Edition's task scheduler it will run fine, as long as I'm logged in.

Once I log out, the script will not fully run because the mapped drives are disconnected. How can I permanently map network drives?

I have also seen this on XP Pro, where even if the option to remap on login is selected, XP will not do so and I manualy have to explore and open the corresponding mapped drive icon.

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A thought

by NickNielsen In reply to Permanently Map Network D ...

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I remember that earlier versions of Windows Server required backup scripts to log in for full access. Have you considered creating a user account with backup operator privileges only for the script to run under?

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Backup Operator

by eddieduce In reply to A thought

I hadn't remembered this but when I created the Tech account I had already set this.

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You could

by huoml In reply to Permanently Map Network D ...

add commands to the scripts to map the network drive with the letter you want before running the actual backup command

or (and I think this is better than the first option)

use UNC naming convention to backup the data. as in: \\server1\sharename\*.*

When one runs the task via scheduler, if I am not mistaken, the login scripts is not run. The scheduler runs the task with the security priviledges of the userid that one provides when task was scheduled.

Are you using ROBOCOPY to do the backup? If not, it will be worth your while to read up on this.


edited to add some more info:

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UNC Naming conventions

by eddieduce In reply to You could

I have changed it to UNC Naming conventions and it works better now.

I still have one problem though, an executable, for ejecting the DVD drive, will not work when I run the script withought being logged in.

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