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Update: I have corrected the problem by taking ownership of the folder and resetting the permissions and security. I would still like to know what caused the problem.

Server 2008 configured as a file server.

A client called me when he was not able to write to a shared directory on the server. This happened suddenly and the client was always able to write to the directory before.

I had the client copy the files that he needed to another shared directory that he was mapped to and he was able to write to this directory.

When I arrived on site I checked the permission and security on the share that he could no longer write to and everything was correct. There should have been no issues for the client to write to this directory. Full control on the share and the permissions.

I finished copying the rest of the files under the directory of the mapped drive that he is now using. After I had done this the client could not write to the directory were I finished copying the files.

I went back to the server and all permissions and security settings were correct.

When the client went to access the folder again it was not there. All the other files and directories were still there, but not the new directory where the files were copied to.

I went to the server and the new folder was still there, but I could not access the folder. The server administrator no longer had access the folder.

I tried to check the permissions on the folder, the folder itself was not shared but was under a shared folder. I was denied access when I tried to set the permissions on the folder. I could do everything except to save the settings that I had just made. All other files and directories could be still be accessed, but the folder that I had created there still could not be opened.

I am at a loss on this one. How does the server administrator, and everyone else, lose the ability to open a folder on the server? I ran out of time before I was able to go further with this and will return in the AM. I will try to ownership of the folder, but I do not know if I will be allowed to this.

Any suggestions?

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