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Permission of computers in a workgroup

By regina_in_us ·
I am using WinXp Pro and I have setup a workgroup of 5 computers. I treat one of them like a server which other 4 computers can access data from it. Now, I want to setup 4 folders in this server with security so that each of the 4 computers can only access its own folder. For example computer 1 can only access folder 1 and computer 2 can only access folder 2. How could I set up permission/security like this?

Meanwhile, I know all the 4 computers access the server as "Guest". Therefore I can only either give access right to all 4 computers or none. I tried to link up user account information from the 4 computer to the server... like setting //computer1/user1, in order to help set up security, but the server only recognize local user accounts. I have no idea how to achieve what I want on the folder sharing restriction describe above and I am not good in administrative stuff in WinXP. Please help.

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by john In reply to Permission of computers i ...

In order to do what you want, there are a few things you need to do.

1. Create 4 local accounts on the "server".

2. Set NTFS permissions for each account/folder pair.

3. Set share permissions for each account/folder pair.

4. Go to each "client" computer creating a drive mapping to the specific folder desired. You should do this by right-clicking My Computer and select Map Drive. After typing in the path to the folder, you will need to specify a different user to make the connection. Type in the account information created on the "server" that matches the folder you are mapping.

BTW - you should know that Windows XP allows a maximum of 5 concurrent connections by design. Intreresting to note that one of those connections is used by the local machine itself when it is running. This is to discourage people from using XP as a true server and force them to purchase a more expensive server OS. In the situation you described, you shouldn't see this problem.

Hope this helps.

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by regina_in_us In reply to

I think this is working even though I am still testing it. Thanks a lot.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Permission of computers i ...

You would need to set up 4 different user accounts. Assign rights as you wish to all the user accounts in the NTFS permissions.

Workgroups cannot share SID history (security information) between members. Only a Windows domain can do this.

Note that you may also observe an issue that Windows XP can only support 10 TCP/IP connections. You may well have issues where a computer cannot connect due to an unavailability of connections on the host system.

I would recommend the following as a quick guide for shares:

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Permission of computers i ...

Start/Help/Network Setup Wizard

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by regina_in_us In reply to Permission of computers i ...

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