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By sanlee123 ·
I have a folder called Sub1, everyone has access to it. Inside Sub1 folder, there is a subfolder called DOCS. I would like to keep everyone access to Sub1 but read access to subfolder DOCS except for 4 users. (win2003 server)
Appreciated your help, Thanx

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by PESK, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts In reply to Permission

...sounds like you have the answer. What is your question?

Question: ?
Answer: Navigate to the Sub1 folder, right-click and select Security. Click on Sharing to set Share permissions, then once done, click on Security to enforce NTFS permissions.

Remember, Share permissions are "keys to the front door", NTFS permissions are "keys to the safe".

Now, about that question...

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I tend to wonder

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Sorry...

how managers manage without being able to manage.

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Time, I think

by santeewelding In reply to Sorry...

To change your avatar and your nomen.

You are doing so well that you exceed their laughable import all on your genuine own.

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