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    Permissions on web server


    by bfeltus ·

    I locked down our windows 2000 web server using the minimum file system permissions recommendations. The users could not access any applications (received page not found in browser window) from the web server. I tracked the problem to the C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 folder. I gave Administrators, Creator Owner, and System full control. I gave the group Everyone read permissions. I had removed the users and power users groups. Well, I ended up putting the USERS GROUP back with full control. The users are able to bring up applications on the web server. Why do I need the users group instead of the everyone group. I do not want the users group to have full control. What’s the minimum I can give the users groups in order for apps to be accessed.

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      by mark ·

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      They shouldn’t have to have full access there. It may be specific to the app. At least drop the rights to change. Remove Full control, cause they can take ownership then and change properties. It should still work. You might look for a temp folder or something there and move it.

      You also might want to move the INetPub folder to another volume or location.

      Now that I think about it, I had a similar issue once with the default website, but setting up the site on another volume and not being the default site cured it.

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      by bfeltus ·

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