Permissions problem on MS Server 2008 SP2

By gianluca ·
First, I thank those who will be able to help me solve the problem,

The server does not use domain but I work as a workgroup
On my server company I created a new user that I was limiting some acessi the system because I did not want that would browse through the combined system and network drives while I applied these restrictions by mistake I changed the permissions to the group called Ower Creator.
When I realized the problem he was already spreading rights to the rest of the units at the end of the process I find myself with the possibility for the administrator user to browse the unit system c:
there is some solution that allows me to reset the permissions of the first

Thanks to all

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Request for Clarification

by robo_dev In reply to Clarifications

To be clear, you changed the permissions of the creator owner group?

There is, in reality, no such security group as "Creator Owner;" the term is actually a variable that is applied to whomever creates a specific file/folder. Therefore, each file/folder can have a different "Creator Owner," and his/her permissions will vary depending upon what permissions each specific user has to the location in which he/she created the file/folder in question.

Is the problem that the objects created by the new user are only owned by the user?

As the administrator you can take ownership of any objects.

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Where to start...

by Seonix In reply to Permissions problem on MS ...

Why are you using a workgroup and not a domain? I can't imagine workgroup based network permissions would work particularly well, or at all for that matter.
You should really be looking at fixing your entire network, rather than trying to solve this one problem. Create a domain with group policies and this should become a lot easier to manage.

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fix permissions on c:

by gianluca In reply to Permissions problem on MS ...

in particular it was allowed in the C: drive and accidentally going to modifific I ower creator denied the chance to browse the C: drive and when I applied the changes happened on the casino on c:

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