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i am running server 2008. I have a DC and a TS. The TS is part of a domain, however i have created local users just to access folders on the TS.

Can you make a user be able to save or create, a file or folder, but not delete it. I have been able to make a user create a folder, but not delete it, however the user cannot name the folder, a higher must do it.

Also, can you make it so anything that is created in a folder is owned by the admin,without haveing to take it all the time. Because when I change permissions for users around on the folder, and try to apply, the particular folder/s won't change permissions because the admin is not the owner. I always get access denied, until i take ownership of the file or folder.


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First thing...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Permissions

If you want to avoid having the "Permission Denied" message for the admin, you must grant it full access to the folder/files.

Second, if you make the first change, then you don't need to have the admin be the owner of the file.

third, yes you can do that. Deny the delete privilege but you must do this in the advanced section of the folder security... Be VERY careful on denying privileges; deny permissions ALWAYS take precedence, even for administrators.

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