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    Perplexing Outlook Question


    by m*lenium ·

    I finally got Outlook setup on 4 of our office computers on our network, setup the views, columns, conditional formatting, conditional sorting and everything was perfect for a couple of days, then, all of a sudden, Outlook said
    something like, “xxxhas stopped sending update for the “tasks” folder, this folder will be deleted.”…


    Every time I get it all setup within a few hours or a day this happens and we are all no longer “synchronized”…

    Some background: We’re running a standard 10BaseT LAN, with a 15 port hub, and using Windows 98/2000 with NT on our “server” for printing.

    We have about 14 computers on the network, and use Outlook everyday for emails, calendar, etc.

    Need to be able to have a shared “tasks” folderto replace our archaic “Whiteboard” we used to have setup in the office.

    Also, a copy of people’s emails go to another computer where they are routinely deleted, as well as a copy is sent to the recipient’s cell phone and an old AOL account for employee monitoring and customer service tracking
    purposes, and my instinct says this may have something to do with the problems.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

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