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Persistant Hackers

By noobieonbusa ·
I have aproblem with my intel desktop chipset D865GLC .. i have their intel Gig netserver builtin fast ethernet and using a extgernal cable modem for my internet... i cant disable my wireless connection even thought im just my landline for internet.. the wireless connection was setup by my old roomate and he used it for file sharing.. but bad part is, i have no way of getting access to turn off the service... im running windows xp pro 2000.... ? lol.. anyways, basically im stuck without administrative control, even if i try to reformat etc... im stuck to the same position.. anyways, this wireless access is getting abused by some epople at my new apartment area and of course they like to by monekys by turnin stuff on, off..etc... so is tehre a patch i can download to get administrative control over my system to disable this service, or anyway intel has any update patches to fix this.. im using cox internet highspeed etc, motorola external cable modem and connection through ethernet cable.. so.. my internet connection has nothing to do with this wireless.. its considered to be a normal system device and no way to disable. so help would be wella pprectiated thanks you..

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Why don't you have admin access?

by jmgarvin In reply to Persistant Hackers
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by CarlitosWay In reply to Persistant Hackers

You cant start by filling out your profile....

Sorry dude but I'm not suprised by JMgarvins responce...we've had a couple of people try to pull a fast one.

How bout yanking that wireless card out? You don't need it since your working with ethernet.

Holla Back,


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OK I'm lost as well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Persistant Hackers

What exactly are you using XP Pro or 2000?

Why do you not have Admin Privileges and more to the point if you reformat and reinstall why then will you not have Admin privileges?

More to the point where is the Wireless hub?

If you look at the specifications of the quoted M'Board there is no wireless connectivity available on it and even if there was there is no way that it could be being used as a gateway to the Internet or even give other people access to your computer.

Col ]:)

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I agree with Carlitos.....

by cp7212 In reply to Persistant Hackers

If you have no other course of action and you don't need the wireless connection, yank the card out. No card, no connection. In fact, the wireless profile should disappear because the adapter goes *poof* when the hardware is removed.

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I have noticed that no one has even

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I agree with Carlitos.... ...

Suggested that this is not really a discussion topic and should be reposted in the Tech Q & A forum.

Col ]:)

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