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Persistant VPN connection of two site

By Valley Boy ·
We have two sites: Ledbury (HQ), and Tamworth (Branch Office). Both sites have CISCO routers, Ledbury's router has the public IP address, and Tamworth's is

Currently, the lone PC in Tamworth has a permanent internet connection (provided by ISP) using a CISCO 837 router. To connect to the internal Ledbury network, the user of the lone Tamworth PC has to initiate a VPN connection to

The internal network at Ledbury is, and the lone PC in Tamworth gets it's internal IP address from the DHCP server in Ledbury.

How can i configure the Tamworth router to use a 'branch office' VPN connection to the Ledbury router (and configure this router to accept the 'branch office' connection from Tamworth). That is to say there will then be a 24/7 persistent VPN connection between the two routers (using a static route on each router?). This will do away with the need for the user at the lone Tamworth PC to initiate a VPN connection each time he wants to access the network in Ledbury. Also, we then hope to add further devices at Tamworth that will use the Ledbury network without the need to initiate VPN connections.

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