Persistent Fan Noise very loud on iMac

By jimdwan ·
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Using iMac late 2012. 2.7GHz. Mac Os sierra.
Persistent fan noise runs sometimes for an hour. Has been on and off for last hour. Ran Etrecheck and sent report to Apple community. Ran diagnostic and came up with 4MOT...4194. Fans and clean and not blocked. Logic board changed 9 months ago to try to cure but no go. Very disappointed in Apple as I use this for recording audio. Any help welcome.

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Fan Noise Sources

by TheChas In reply to Persistent Fan Noise very ...

Fan noise comes from one of three sources:

Fan running fast to cool off the computer.
If your recording software places a large processing load on the CPU and you are in a warm environment, the fan will spin faster working to cool off the CPU and other internal components of the computer.

Fan has bad/worn bearings.
As the fan bearings wear, the fan blade will start to wobble and make noise from the blades touching the frame of the fan.
In some instances, the fan can lift from the frame and rub against the case or internal components.

Fan blade hits internal components.
Any internal wiring or other parts that come in contact with the spinning fan blade will result in noise.

Best thing to try:
Get a high quality cooling pad to set the computer on. The fans in the cooling pad should help cool the computer so that the internal fan does not need to run fast to keep the CPU cool.

If you still have the noise with the cooling pad, the most likely issue is a failing fan.

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