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Person in dorm hall displaying personal information

By acracker ·
Ok so the other day I was browsing through shared folders on my university's network looking for music when I came to a shared .pdf document on someone's computer that showed all their personal information (Name, DOB, Social Security Number, residence ect...) I don't have any kind of superuser access to the network so this document is availiable to anyone to see and access. How do I tell this person that they are sharing files they shouldn't be? I don't want them to think that I hacked into their computer because I didn't and I would never exploit someone's personal information.
Thanks for any ideas,

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Tell them Please

by marileev In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

It sounds like their machine may be completely networked when it shouldn't or they forgot to disable their connection to the network.

Having ALL that personal information on a PDF or word doc is bad, bad, bad.

I'd tell them in person right away. Maybe they have a new machine and don't really know all the bells & whistles on it. Also tell your Campus network administrator.

How old is the document? This'll determine how many other people might be able to see their folder with this PDF. Also they should run a credit check.

All sorts of things can go amuck

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Excellent article

by NickNielsen In reply to Tell them Please

I've saved the link so I can provide it to some friends who don't understand my convoluted explanations.

Edit: 1st one today!

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Thanks-protecting your credit is soo Important

by marileev In reply to Excellent article

Thanks NickNielsen. I jumped on the subject at work since I've known a few people who've fallen prey to phishing and having their mail rifled through. You may not need your credit score right now, but one day you may want a condo, house, etc.

My other articles can be found here too

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Thanks for the link

by Tig2 In reply to Thanks-protecting your cr ...

Marilee, I read most of what you post- I agree, security is not taken seiously enough by many people.

I would be interested in your thoughts regarding unsecured WiFi "hot-spots"; a discussion begun by WhyMeWorry in this thread. I will go fetch a link...

Edit to add link:

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Securing WiFi

by marileev In reply to Thanks for the link

I'm no angel when I was at school I used to catch hot spots more frequently on my Mac - using the "poor college student" excuse.

There are also WiFi enable spots free in the City of Seattle, like at the Seattle Center and if you're in Spokane, WA nearly the entire city is wired for wireless.

Again, I think this is one of those education issues. Why shouldn't I take all my tech toys as seriously as another? If you don't secure your WiFi, you're just leaving the door open for someone to steal what you pay for. Though now that I'm a desk-monkey, at home I try and not have my laptop anywhere else by my desk workstation it stays plugged-in.

It's getting so cheap now to connect, why steal?

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Tell them in person, now!

by NickNielsen In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

Do not pass Go!, do not collect...

To emphasize your point, print the document, making sure to print it locally and be there when it comes off the printer! Hand them the printout. If he/she quibbles, take them to your PC and show them the document.

Marilee has already provided all the reasons you need to do this.

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The truth...

by TechExec2 In reply to Person in dorm hall displ ...

The truth will set you free. Just tell them. If this file is openly visible on the university's network, why are you concerned about being accused of hacking?

Tip: If you don't want to be thought of as a hacker, don't choose "acracker" as your alias on TR! :^0

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Personal to TechExec2

by Old Guy In reply to The truth...

TE2, The other day I made a comment to you about having changed. The more I thought about it I think I was mistaking you for someone else. I think the other person may have used Techmail or something like that. Sorry to confuse the two of you.

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Wasn't going to say anything but...

by Tig2 In reply to Personal to TechExec2

Old Guy, I think that you WERE thinking of TechMail. And TechMail, to his credit, has contributed very positively after a rocky start.

TechExec is one of the good ones too... but you know that. He may get his duckie back...

Sorry to pipe up- saw the note yesterday and thought that you might have the two of them mixed.

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"Good Tigger" is...

by TechExec2 In reply to Wasn't going to say anyth ...

"Good Tigger" is back! Missed you!

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