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Personal computer on company network

By notaegg ·
I am starting an assignment with a new company and I am concerned about connecting my laptop to their network. It is Windows XP home edition and I keep file sharing off. What if anything may be observed/read/accessed etc. without me knowing it?

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by rickydoo In reply to Personal computer on comp ...

My knowledge of XP is evolving, so I can't guarantee you will be safe, but barring hackers on your company network you should be safe with file sharing turned off. If you are really paranoid about it, slap on a personal firewall such as ZoneAlarm Pro(the XP basic firewall may be inadequate for the task) and restrict traffic at the interface to the resources you need access to.

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by Prana7 In reply to Nothing

XP have weak of security. You have to check their update patch. - I agree with rickdoo "personal firewall such as zonealarm Pro. You can use that or Norton Internet Security 2003. best way to sharing turn off!

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Worry should be other way around.

by clearsmashdrop In reply to

No offense but your personal laptop on another companies network is often a no no. Depends on the environment but most companies frown upon personal machines being on the network, without at least some knowledge or monitoring of the internal IT staff.

How do we know you are not infected with virus', sending out confidential info, etc. Or you plug your machine into the network with a static IP that conflicts with an existing one. Lots of possibilities here.

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