Personal folders from Outlook gone missing after AD account rename

By mkoskenk ·
A user just reported me this morning that she doesn't see her personal folders anymore. Her AD user account was renamed few weeks ago and I'm suspecting this to be the cause. She couldn't remeber if the folders have been there after the account renaming or have they disappeared sometime after the renaming.

Is it possible that Outlook somehow has got confused with the new account name and somehow overwritten the .pst file?

We do have nightly and weekly backups of the exchange mailboxes, but I'm afraid it won't do much good if I've understood correctly that the personal folders contents are stored only on computer and not on server side?

If anyone has ideas how to go on trying to recover the folders that would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Mikko

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Hello Mikko. Try these out for your problem....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Personal folders from Out ...

Backup and Restore.

Fix a PST File Automatically With Outlook?s Inbox Repair Tool

Repair a damaged Personal Folders PST file

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Her user account was renamed?

by Kenone In reply to Personal folders from Out ...

Then that is a new user. For instance janedoe@domain is not the same account as janedoe@newdomain. On the workstation where were you storing the .pst files? You might have to go in and copy the .pst file from the old profile to the new profile.

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by MrLoganyc In reply to Personal folders from Out ...

From the sound of it, the files are still on the PC. Just do a search for .pst (search hidden files and folders too). You should find her .pst files hidden in the Appdata folder of the old profile. Just re-attach it.

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an option

by rjluvkc In reply to Psssst

You could just use registry to point to the old profile directory.
This may help..

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Thanks for the suggestions, but...

by mkoskenk In reply to Personal folders from Out ...

...unfortunately they did not solve the problem.

As far as I can tell when the AD account is renamed, the user ID is unchanged and on local computer the user's Documents and settings folder will remain the same. So when the account was renamed from firstname.oldlastname to firstname.newlastname the user's folder in local computer still remains as firstname.oldlastname. There's one .pst file in this folder, archive.pst. This file contains only old deleted items and sent items (latest date is in September 2009).

I have tried the scanpst tool to recover the file and while it runs through successfully, I don't see the "Recovered Personal Folders" as suggested in the instructions. I can add the recovered .pst file as a new personal folder but it only shows the same items as the original file did.

Anyway, thank you for your help even though it didn't hit the spot this time. Any other suggestions?

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Tried file recovery - no luck

by mkoskenk In reply to Thanks for the suggestion ...

I also tried to run FileRecuva to see if user had somehow managed to delete the pst file, but no luck there.

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Found them

by mkoskenk In reply to Personal folders from Out ...

Okay, I was able to locate the runaway folder from our weekly tape backups. Interesting point is that PFDAVAdmin.exe was not able to 'see' any deleted folders in the user's mailbox. I haven't been able to recreate the situation where the folders would vanish upon the rename process. Intriguing.

I've now got some reading to do for I've never tried to restore any Exchange data from the tapes.

Thank you all for your help all the same :)

Have a nice weekend!

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