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By shaundyc ·

Is checking personal mails (yahoo,hotmail,etc..) during office hours consider a violation? Well haven't been yet finish my Policy on this, but how bout on you guys. What would be the best solution for this? should I allow it? or not? This question has been bugging me for days now. I've tried weighing things what would be the benefits if I do permit this, or not? But still undecided..

Hope someone can clear my mind...


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by ITmanTPC In reply to Personal Mails


I recently allowed one of my clients to add personal email storage on an exchange server. I insisted on an AV to be implemented, but of course they ignored it. Now they have big problems and are paying me an extreme amount of money to clean them up. To answer your question, I would allow it, but only if AV is installed and a central storage mechanism is in place (like Exchange) to scan and remove anything that violates HR policies and IT policies.

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by shaundyc In reply to

Thanks for the advice ITmanPC but... one problem though we dont have exchange server. I kinda let my users access there personal mail during office hours, and I do have AV as shield..


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by wlbowers In reply to Personal Mails

When I have a customer inquire about this I suggest the following.

If they can check their email from a webpage and not have to download items to their hard drive, and most email can be checked that way now, then allow that. On their own time.

If they want to set up an email program to pull the messages to their machine. NO!

Good Luck Lee

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by shaundyc In reply to

very well said! Thanks

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by shaundyc In reply to Personal Mails

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