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personal website issues

By Pieter1612 ·
My website worked on the internet for some time. I'm hosting it from my home, suddenly it went of the air, and it seems that port 80 is occupied by a program. I can ping my external web address, but I cannot access the website from another computer from outside my network. I am running IIS at the moment and it worked for some time. What can be the issue?

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I generally ask an ignorant question.

by Ron K. In reply to personal website issues

Have you tried using System Restore and restore to a point before you had issues? Soemtimes it works pretty well. <br>
Also, if I'm not mistaken Port 80 is used by browsers to access the Internet. What port were you using previously? 80?

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Generally asked question?

by Donmecca In reply to I generally ask an ignora ...

Yeah....http/https will only access the port 80. I would also check your event viewer to see what it is saying. Normally, the event id will provide you with a starting point.

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Event manager

by Pieter1612 In reply to Generally asked question?

As I stated, i've reload all the software, there is no firewall acivated as far as I know, I have only load windows XP with apache, I've tried netstats and used the PID to identify a possible program, but the pc is pretty clean at the moment, no other programs, except the drivers are loaded.

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A clarification...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Generally asked question?

http/https will only access the port 80

http uses port 80
https uses port 443

Unless you specify the port ie: https://blah.blah.com:8080

Edit: to clarify

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Website issues

by Pieter1612 In reply to I generally ask an ignora ...

Let's see if I can answer you: Yes I have restored the pc, that did not help, I've used another pc and format it, rebuild the software, install apache server on it, disable the firewalls, setup a static ip on the pc, connect to DynDNS with that static ip and created a domain name. I've called my service provider to ensure that port 80 is open on their side, and they confirmed it. However if I use a program like PFport checker or canyouseeme.com, it shows that the port is blocked. I've used netstat -aon command to see what is blocking the port, but cannot find anything at all, maybe it is bacuase i just don't know what i'm looking for, at the moment the website works very well on my intranet, it is just not working with the external ip. I've got a Billion modem, and i am pretty sure it is set to open port 80, as the website was visible a few weeks ago. I am at the end of my knowledge here, i really need some help!

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by Donmecca In reply to Website issues

That is weird.... I am not sure what the DynDNS is but have you made sure your default gateway is configured. If you can access the website under your admin account, this sounds like the other account is not configured the same way or doesn't have the same privleges of course. Make sure you can ping off your computer and then do a tracert to your website. This should tell you what's wrong.

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by Pieter1612 In reply to Blocked?

I'm not sure what you are after. What I did was to setup a fixed ip on the server machine under the TCP/IP protocol. As it ask for ip adress, subnet mask and default gateway. ( The default gateway I believe is the same as the modems, if not, then that may be the issue!)

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Whats your web address?

by Slayer_ In reply to Website issues

Keep in mind that http://www.something.com and http://something.com are not the same website address.

DYNDNS used to offer URL aliasing for free, mine is grandfathered so i still have that feature, but new accounts do not get that. Make sure you are not entering the www as part of your address.


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Web address

by Pieter1612 In reply to Whats your web address?

the dns name = neserweb.homeip.net
I've picked the difference up already between the webaddresse. It is not that. If I use something like port tester on canyouseeme.org. It also gives a time out message on all ports that I've tested. I am starting to wonder if the ISP is not lying to me about the open ports. the current ip is: The machine is pretty clean at the moment, if just formatted the hdd and reinstalled everything -that is windows and IIS, except of the drivers, there is not much else on the machine. The website is for my church. Help would be appreciated

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If I was infront of it I could probably help...

by Slayer_ In reply to Web address

But it couldn't be your ISP, your ISP wouldn't be able to tell the difference between regular web traffic and a web server.

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