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Hey there,
In our house we have comcast as our cable and internet provider. We have xfinity and it is supposed to power up to 10 devices but currently its struggling to provide for 2. Can i go out and but my own modem and router to supply my own internet? I apologize i am a bit new to this but getting fed up with terrible internet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Technically yes you can

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Personal Wireless

But here I think you'll find the problem is the connection between the modem & computers. I'm assuming that it's some sort of wireless networking & you need to understand that while wireless is fast & easy to setup it's also the slowest way to network anything.

Then add users into the mix downloading video files & you have no possibility but a slow connection as most of the available bandwidth is being used by the one user over the wireless networking.

If the modem has the ability to connect through ethernet then simply plugging in a CAT cable will drastically increase speed provided that the cable connection isn't being driven to its limit.

Also the other thing you need to realise is that any interference with the wireless signal will also slow down the speed of the wireless connection. So things like walls. Between the WiFi point and computers Will have an effect as well as things like fluro lights & cordless phones and the like.

Generally speaking if you have a modem you also need a internet connection so if you buy a modem you'll also need to pay for a internet connection. However if the comcast modem has the ability to connect more than 1 device by CAT Cable you can plug in another WiFi access point and connect to that wirelessly and use it that way. However the bigger the files you download the slower that the connection will appear to be.


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