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By JonathanPDX ·
I had a job interview where they gave me a type of "personality test" where I was to mark traits that I saw in myself, and ones that I thought others perceived in me. Then came the "Why am I good for this job" in my own handwriting. I felt like an old woman was going to come into the room and read my palm or some tea leaves.

Do many employers use them anymore? What's the best way to deal with these type of "tests"?

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THey are very common

by Oz_Media In reply to Personality Tests

Which of these 3 words best describes....

It's a way of getting around people who are merely saying what you want to hear. You will probably notice that some seem redundant or you would LIKE to pick two instead of one etc.

These are BASIC psyche tests from WAAAAAAAY back to determine if someone is a mover and a shaker, studious, a team player with leadership qualities etc. They were COMMON for most sales positions at one time, separates 'working' sales reps from 'laydown-closers' and management.

It's handy when looking for IT staff because personality is such an important part of making th eteam work effectively, one alpha employee to every 6 team players etc.

I usually chuckle at such stuff and phone them up instead, just takes a little digging and probing to get all the info in most cases, even from recruiters.

But for the most part, I don't play that game, I don't apply for team positions so I don't run into that stuff too much. Just be honest about them, IF you are not what they are seeking as a result of those association tests, it will show immediately, you should see the accuracy of the personality results they get from those things, it's really quite cool. If you don't fit the criteria, then you REALLY don't want to work for them, it's actually a good way of finding specific personalities for specific positions.

It doesn't test skills or abilities, but that is becoming irrelevant to many companies as most are realizing that the right team fit is more important than the teams experience.

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Long time around

by Black Panther In reply to Personality Tests

I had to fill in one in 1979 ( in a previous life of course :) ) for application into the Defence Department and also was interviewed by a Physcologist.

Someone may have all the qualifications and experience under the "Sun" but it does not necessarily mean they can relate to other people well.

In Schools now they are starting to concentrate more on social and communication skills as they realise it is just as important in a job as qualifications are.

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Social skills should be taught at home

by gene.fellner In reply to Long time around

By the time we're in school, we've laid the foundation for our personality. The way we get along with other people has already been established. They've been trying to teach kids to "get along" in the public school system since I was one of its victims in the 1950s. It didn't work then and it won't work now. Someone who's older than seven who doesn't "get along" needs a daily therapy session or perhaps an intervention retreat. Being in a class with thirty other people who don't get along under the leadership of a harried teacher isn't going to do it.

But I agree with the communication skills part. I can't believe that universities are accepting applicants who have to take Remedial English. And then they turn out graduates who read at what we used to call the Sixth Grade Level--if they're interested in the material!

Schools should be actually teaching kids how to read and write, preferably in more than their native language as the world keeps shrinking. Even if it means "leaving a few of them behind."

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No No No

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Social skills should be t ...

Proof that the taxpayers money is well spent is achieved by making sure everybody passes. The fact that's basic addition of single digit numbers and reading the odd word as long as there is a picture next to it is immaterial.
You will be talking about elitist ideas like streaming, and maybe even having the children compete with each other next.

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Social Skills

by Black Panther In reply to Social skills should be t ...

Yes I agree they should 'also' be taught at home...but what if the Parents Social Skills are lacking?? or their teaching methods are not as "skilled" as a qualified person!

And today's world a lot of kids are unfortunate having only 1 Parent to teach them ( either Male or Female )

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