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Personally, I disagree

By YetAnotherBob ·
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Time to sell

by YetAnotherBob In reply to Personally, I disagree

Unless you consider yourself payed back by dividends,or hold it for sentimental reasons, now is a good time to sell. 1998 was a bad year for Apple stock. The consensus of the talking heads was that Apple would soon be gone. The stock was at near record lows. You definitely bought at the right time.

Now, on the other hand, the stock is near a record high. It is constantly talked up by the talking heads. While it may go a little higher, it will fail expectation, just as Microsoft did around 2000. Then, the stock will fall, even if sales grow, as was the case with Microsoft after 2000. It isn't that Apple per say isn't good, it's that the expectations are unrealistic.

You don't need to sell right now, and I wouldn't suggest running out in a panic, but the current market cap isn't supportable by sales. Within two years, the stock price will fall back to supportable levels. Say 40X earnings, or less.

BTW, I am not a stock expert, but I have noticed that the talking heads are always wrong.

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