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Knowledge is not power

by InspiredFunk In reply to Perspectives...

There are times I would love to grab people by the shoulders and give them a good shake - particularly in the world of scientific IT Infrastructure support....<br /><br />And, for all of those people ... you know who you are.... I have one thing to say...<br /><br /><br />Knowledge does not equal power!<br /><br /><br />Knowledge + Action = <strong>Power</strong><br /><br />Knowledge without Action = <strong>Fool</strong><br /><br /><br />

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by InspiredFunk In reply to Perspectives...

<p>If you keep on squeezing lemons, then eventually you will get hit in the eye!</p>
Not sure what that means, but its been mulling around in my mind
today ?. perhaps its a reference to risk - the more risks you take, the
more you had better be prepared to cry. Or maybe its the more you lie,
the more likely it is that when the lie catches up with you, you will
get kicked in the knackers and your eyes will water?<br /><br />It still amazes me, how, in big organisations particularly, politics prevents the admission of truth. Organisations design their heirarchy to "hide" information, perhaps "sheltering" the organisation or individuals (or, mainly, hiding under-performance), rather than proactively discussing, resolving and maybe even identifying change which will benefit the whole organisation.  <strong>Fustrating!</strong>

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