Pervasive Engine not responding

By chrisgoode ·
Ok, forgive my ignorance but I am having some problems with a Pervasive.SQL server and it is starting to cause several problems. A client that I worlk for runs a program called ConCentRICs, it is very industry specific so I wont be surprised if no one has heard of it. Long story short, ConCentRICs uses Pervasive to manage and handle it's databases. When we try to install a new installation of the program on a computer I get a Betrieve 3014, as if the server was not responding. If you go to any other computer with the program already installed on it, it can run without any problems.

I pulled up the Pervasive console on the server and I have a red square on the 'MAIN' as if the server was non-responsive. I have rebooted trhe server several times as well as the computer we are trying to do the installation on. I believe I have narrowed the problem down to the Pervasive Engine on the server but I am very gun shy about working with SQL. The only other idea I have is to backup the database, completely uninstall P.SQL, reinstall P.SQL, then restore the database. Any ideas??

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What does the maker have to say for themselves?

by OH Smeg In reply to Pervasive Engine not resp ...

I'm not being Smug here but as it is a specialized Application that I have never heard of the first point of call should always be the Maker.

I do several companies with Dedicated Software that is very small release and it's a nightmare to deal with. To make things worse the Makers will say something along the lines of Easy No Problems but we don't support Networking, about as Clear as Mud.

But by your description the application could be exceeding the Licensing that was sold with it so it is telling you that the Server is Disconnected or much more likely is that a recent Windows Patch/Hot Fix has broken the application. With these small volume applications they are way behind the 8 ball as M$ keeps changing the format of the Security Settings in Windows and breaking things.

When a Company like Semantic is unable to produce software to fails to comply with new released "M$ Standards" you know that the small places have no hope.


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"Sounds like a Pervasive problem"

by chrisgoode In reply to What does the maker have ...

I spoke with the software manufacturer and they confirmed that it's a SQL problem. The error I get from their install program references a 3014 Pervasive error (Unable to connect to server)

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Did they tell exactly what the 3014 Error was

by OH Smeg In reply to "Sounds like a Pervasive ...

If it's unable to connect to the Server it's not a SQL Problem it's a Networking Issue.

If it was a SQL Problem the Application would be connecting to the Server but not be able to pickup the required data from SQL.

Do you know if the Application is even pointing to the correct location for the Data? Do you have Network Connectivity from this Workstation to the Server and are there any Rules or Policies which may be preventing this Application from this Workstation from Interfacing with the Server or SQL and getting the requested Data?

Are there any Help Files for this Application. Yea I know this is all Basic stuff but it's generally where the problems lie in something so basic that we overlook it and don't think that it's important.

Have you removed the Application and installed it yourself? With things that need to look elsewhere for Data this needs to be set when you first install the application on the workstation.

I'm not sure how this particular App address this issue but somewhere there must be a Data Folder that may need to be redirected to the DBase.


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by chrisgoode In reply to Did they tell exactly wha ...

What does pervasive do when you exceede the number of licenses you've purchased? I count the number of domain users and it is 4 more than the number of licenses my client has purchased for pervasive. Could this have something to do with it?

Also, I checked network connectivity and everything seems to be fine. All the other users are able to access SQL without any problems.

The help files for the program are pretty useless... nothing about installation just navigation through the menus and such...

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Very Likely

by OH Smeg In reply to Licensing

I count the number of domain users and it is 4 more than the number of licenses my client has purchased for pervasive

This is a very big possibility, but I thought that I asked you about Licensing previously. As to what this company does to continue to sell new licenses for more users I'm not sure as I've never actually dealt with them but there has to be something to prevent a Company buying 1 License and then allowing 2000 People to use it without paying Pervasive.

Also, I checked network connectivity and everything seems to be fine. All the other users are able to access SQL without any problems.

Are there other users on this actual computer who can connect to the SQL D Base? If so that rules out the Network but if not there is a possibility that the actual Network is not working on this particular Computer. A while ago M$ released a Patch that broke the Networking on some LAN's well actually some hardware as some computers where affected and not others with a different M'Board Chip Set. These could still browse the Internet but not contact to any Shares on the Network. As I was busy at the time I just blew away the Windows installs on the faulty machines and cloned the drives with the stored Image and stopped any untested Patches being applied.


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