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Pesario **0US overheating

By nsalisbury ·
I have a compaq **0 laptop that overheated and toasted the cpu. Upon reinstalling a new board the heat sink fan works. but the exhaust fan coming off the back of the laptop doesn't. I have hooked other fans up, I have also hooked a PSU up to each fan to insure they are working. I relize this fan might be temperature controlled, but its still not kicking on because my laptop is over heating and shutting down.

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Change that fan

by oldphart In reply to Pesario **0US overheatin ...

I know that this may seem obvious but wou've got to get that fan working. It sounds like the fan that works with the power supply. this fan moves the hot air out of the case and either drags or pushes cool air in if you can just replace the fan do that. But you may have to swap out the powersupply to replace that fan.

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by Another Computer Guy In reply to Pesario **0US overheatin ...

Sounds like the thermister that controls the exhaust fan has gone bad. Olphart is most likely correct on replacing the fan. Many fans have the thermister mounted in the fan packeage. Bad news is, the thermister could also be a small SMD component on the motherboard. Most of the small fans in laptops are 5 volt fans. It might be possible to jumper around the thermister to keep the fan running all the time IF you can locate the thermister. My take is that you'll probably have to replace the MOBO for a permanent fix. Seems to me that the **0 is a couple years old so you might get lucky and find one on Ebay for not too ridiculous a sum. But try the new fan first. (Much cheaper).

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