PFDAVADMIN update yet?

By dr.engnr ·
Is there an updated version out there that supports the new .NET's? I have serious trouble trying to find a production server that has 1.1 installed. It seems like it should be available at this point.

Are there any free alternatives for exporting permissions that will run with the newer windows updates?


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Windows XP

by BFilmFan In reply to PFDAVADMIN update yet?

So run it on a Windows XP workstation that has .NET framework 1.1 or beyond installed on it.

Is there a reason the servers weren't updated to 3.5 SP1 of .NET?

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Are you having problems running it

by IC-IT In reply to PFDAVADMIN update yet?

On higher versions of .NET? 1.1 is the minimum requirement. I believe this is the latest

Version: 06.05.7**1
Date Published: 4/4/2007

Download site;

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the problem with the xp machine

by dr.engnr In reply to PFDAVADMIN update yet?

is that we (DR) don't have access to their workstations, only servers. we also are not allowed to change anything in production including updates and whatnot.

the servers do mostly have .NET 3.5 but PFDAVADMIN only seems to work with the old 1.1.

Is there really no way to do this?

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That is a bugger

by IC-IT In reply to the problem with the xp m ...

A little more reading seems to confirm issues with Net versions beyond 1.1.
The also recommend not running it from an Exchange server (because you might adjust .NET Framework 2.0 settings) or a IIs (it might change the web.config files).

You might be able to use a server and install the 1.1 if you are certain it won't create an issue. I don't think you need to uninstall the newer NET versions.
Can't the company scrounge up an unused workstation and at least allow you to use it only for the pfdavadmin?

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thats what its coming to

by dr.engnr In reply to That is a bugger

i was trying to avoid asking. i hate asking to do menial things....

i can't believe this isn't more of an issue for people. you'd think there would be a simple free app that did the same thing. and why would MS not just put out an updated version if there are no substitutes?

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