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Phantom DHCP

By rpl0724 ·
Laptops who are not constantly connected to our LAN are getting an IP address not defined in our DHCP scope whenever they try to re-connect. This happen also for new PCs. The IP address is 192.168.2.x with a gateway of To fix, we have to disable/enable several times and use the "repair" options on XP.

It seems that there is another DHCP service giving IP addresses. I checked all the servers and only one is running. The IP address in question is not being use.

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by BSchmidt In reply to Phantom DHCP

Could it be a router with DHCP enabled? I know most routers come that way out of the box, and is the default address on some of them (although I can't remember which ones offhand).

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by radobson In reply to Phantom DHCP

The router answer is the most likely. In the event that its not, check your VPN device. VPN devices frequently serve DHCP leases in order to get clients on the network. Some VPN devices will pass the DHCP request through to the network's DHCP server(s), but generally this has to be configured.

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by rpl0724 In reply to Phantom DHCP

It is fixed now. I just found out one of the user installed a hub/router on the network to connect other PCs in his section somewhere in the warehouse. Thanks for the help.

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by natem In reply to Phantom DHCP

I'd bet that there is a device on the network acting as another DHCP server. When you type 'ipconfig /all' at the command prompt what ip address do you get for 'DHCP Server'? There should be an address of the roque server listed. Try browsing to the IP in question. If it's a device, you'll get a web interface listing the manufacture.

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