Phantom Sound File on Shutdown AFTER Shutdown.wav?

By smokinghellcat ·
Well, I do believe I've been hacked. Aside from strange log-offs, disappearing desktop icons, and other odd goings-ons...There's a muffled sound file of a woman's voice which plays immediately before the light on my system goes out. This happens well after the shutdown.wav of Windows XP shutdown. I've scoured my system of all sound files and come up with nothing. Has anyone ever heard of this, or have any ideas what may be occurring or how I might find evidence of this sound so I can magnify it and find out exactly what it's saying? Oh. This sound has happened right on start up too, but the machine doesn't go into start up mode, it just kind of makes a noise like it's on and uses power and requires a hard boot to get going again, which it does without repeating the odd sound the second time around.

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Re: Phantom Sound File on Shutdown AFTER Shutdown.wav?

This is a shot in the dark. This might be caused by your hdd failing, i have had (not the same) some strange noises for which i could not find or relate to, so i did a hhd system backup. A few days later my hdd failed to boot.
I hope you do a backup before it is too late. I hope this helps you. Or not if i am wrong.

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