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phillapine along with chinese and Nigerian nurses are being imported and unfairly placed alongside Americans for jobs in nursing that are ruining the compensation and professional goals of nursing the phillipine nurses act as a group with tagolig as their language on the job, similar to Spanish, not english. This is in settings where lives are in danger, and English is suppose to be the main language. Tagalog the language of the Philippines is not our language, and allowing racism to dominate the hospital settings is not American. Americans are displaced discouraged from careers that is not any good anymore, and are ousted by hospitals that have sold out the american in the working place, along with loosing our national language to tagalog speaking racist phillapinos. spanish is just one of the languages displacing us, tagalog is getting no air time, but is just as racist. anyone want to die with a foreign language being spoke over your head? Phillapino nurses are trying to get ride of all the others so their phillapino compadres can take over the whole merdical scene. Nursing has been sold out, their is no shortage just all foreign staff. I guess the next profession to go to foreign low pay is trucking, teaching and the rest. I personnaly saw the mob/maffia style of the phillapino in the middle east hospitals I worked with, and I know their intention is just squeese everyone out and take over american work markets. A lot of talk about Mexican immigrants and illegal alliens is going on right now, but none about the legal visaed workers who are displaccing and cheaply filling the american workers spot, al la the american medical system. why are whole staffs of nurses allowed to practice medicine in tagalog? I can see being upset about the illegal mexicans, but nurses in ICU ER and OR???? who wants to go under anethesia to wake up on a floor filled with foreign trained nurses? Why are the nursing entrance exams being presented in some form or another to phillapinos in their country? where is the patriotism? Maybe nafta and the rest of the global economy activity is suicidal to the locals? any response.I think some of the reason we are having this propblem in nursing is because the hopspitals are not forced to enforce racial equality. The bottom line should not dominate medicine, and americans do not want to work with huge immigrant racial problems, enforced by the greedy medical system.

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