Phishing defence services

By astonfachechi ·
What do you look for in a phishing defence service?
What are the biggest negatives with these types of services?
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Re: phishing

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Phishing defence services tells about protecting against phishing.

Since phishing reaches you (or your employees) via e-mail you can't do much - apart from being careful when clicking on links in mails - except running anti-spam in your mail-server. But that's kind of impossible if you have, for example, a or address, since you don't own those servers.

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Thank you

by astonfachechi In reply to Re: phishing

Hey, Thank you kindly for your reply! This is great to know. Have a great weekend.

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I'm not. Here's why.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Phishing defence services

Our office is primarily composed of seasoned programmers. Also a group of techs that deal with those that click on every link.

I googled you and your question and it seems to be a leading question or shill question. That is you may already have a product in mine or know what the answer is.

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Answering your reply

by astonfachechi In reply to I'm not. Here's why.

Thank you for spending time replying to my question! I am asking this to learn more about what are things that are putting people off using phasing defence solutions/ what they are looking for in such a product. Thank you for googling me, I am in fact in marketing and like to understand and develop my knowledge. I am not selling any products to anyone within these forums. Thank you though

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